Moroccan Restaurant

Our restaurant exists since May 1999.
We have a traditional Moroccan menu with many delicacies that you should definitely try.
We have a new suggestion every 3 months. These are modern dishes from Moroccan cuisine and are only available from us in Belgium. An example of a dish: lamb medallions filled with coriander pesto, served with a sauce of dates, prunes and apricots. You get couscous, rice or new potatoes.

Special: our couscous is freshly handmade.
A taste of smen is attached. This is a special butter that is matured in a terracotta pot.
Our dishes are made à la minute. All dishes, pastries and ice cream are traditional and homemade.
We have an extensive wine list with delicious Moroccan wines.


We have beautiful tables of mosaic and a warm interior. Our business has 3 separate seating areas and menus for groups of around 40 people are offered. Our business has about 100 seats. We also have a beautiful heated terrace that can accommodate 30 people.